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House Painting

For whole house exteriors we use our largest crews and a 30 year crew chief. This combination of crew size and experience allows us to finish some house paintings in one day, but without sacrificing the lasting quality your Burnsville home deserves.

Quality for a Lifetime

Most painters use the cheapest paint available with the shortest guarantees... it ensures repeat business. Unless by customer request, only the highest quality Sherwin-Williams paint will be used on your projects.

Through preparation is the only way to guarantee proper application of paint that will last a generation. Surfaces are cleaned, scraped, stripped, sanded, and repaired as necessary before the paint cans even open. Your Burnsville home or work site will be swept and cleaned after painting is complete.

Wall Murals

Murals add personality to your walls like little else can and are great for children. Anything from cartoons to custom pictures can be painted by artists experienced in the Burnsville community.

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