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Exterior House Painting

We can put up to 30 years of experience to work on your Chanhassen, MN exterior house painting project. Some houses can be painted in one day, though a larger crew is necessary to ensure the quality you expect.

Commitment to Quality

Beyond expertise in Chanhassen home painting two factors are often overlooked for lifelong paint: exhaustive preparation and selecting top-quality paint products. Preparation is half the project so we scrape, clean, sand, and strip every inch before painting. The second key is a high-quality paint with a guarantee of decades. Once the project is completed we're committed to leaving a clean environment behind... we only want you to notice the paint.

Wall Murals

Murals add personality to your walls like little else can and are great for children. Anything from cartoons to custom pictures can be painted by artists experienced in the Chanhassen community.

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