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Interior Painting

Professional Approach

If you've tried do-it-yourself painting you know that a quality job takes hours of preparation time for scraping, sanding, and taping; repairing walls where necessary; and covering all surfaces that paint should never touch. Or if you haven't followed those practices you've learned that a drip of paint on your fine woodwork can be your personal eye sore or a blurry, uneven line the result of not taping. Maybe you're faced with intensive projects like wallpaper removal, high-ladder work, or repairing plaster and water damage in walls. Our experience and expertise will guarantee your design success.


Through preparation is the only way to guarantee a lasting application. For each project we:

Paint Application

To ensure beautiful results that last we give our professional craftsmen quality tools and products. We brush with the finest bristles and roll with the softest woven covers for a velvet-smooth finish and sharp lines. Most projects require a primer and two top coats, though some rooms require additional primer or top coat.


We keep our job sites clean throughout each project. Preparation for each job includes cleaning because dirt and dust will ruin an application. Keeping a cleanly worksite is critical to our success, and leaving your home cleaner than we found it is the key to your satisfaction.

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